CAC® Overview

Copper Foil with an Aluminum Separator Sheet

CAC® (Copper Aluminum Copper) is a thin aluminum separator with an impressive difference ... it is sandwiched between two sheets of copper foil, which preseals the critical copper surfaces from exposure to airborne particles and resin dust.

During multilayer lamination, the copper foil releases from the aluminum separator sheet and becomes the outer layer foil for the printed circuit board, above and below. Our proprietary process ensures that the copper surfaces are free of any particles or dents five microns or larger. The net result is consistently higher yields on high density, fine line and gold feature circuit boards. Costly manual handling and cleaning steps are eliminated, which reduces labor costs and improves cycle time and throughput during the lay-up process. Click on the video below to view:

CAC Layup
Non-CAC Layup

CAC is also the best and most economical solution for using difficult-to-handle thin foils, reverse treated and double treated copper foils.