CAC® Advantages

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Steel: 5 high with 1.58 mm (0.062") steel separator plates.
CAC: 7 high using 0.50 mm (0.020") thick CAC shows 60% decrease in temperature variation from outside to center of stack. This means more consistent heat rise and cool down throughout the stack.

Reduced Operator Labor

In the same ten-high lay-up, operators must wipe 40 surfaces to ensure the best possible surface cleanliness. Because CAC, Inc. delivers CAC pre-sealed from the factory, operator cleaning of critical surfaces is no longer necessary. The combined productivity gains are typically 30% to 50%.

Eases Use of the Thin Foils, Reverse Treated and Double Treated Foils

Because the foil is attached to a rigid separator, CAC with thin foils, 9 µm (0.25 oz) or 12 µm (0.375 oz), significantly eases creation of fine lines and spaces as small as 50 µm (0.002").

Elimination of Foil Wrinkles

Handling and registration of thin copper foil onto lamination fixture pins can cause handling wrinkles, a major source of foil pinholes. Another source of foil wrinkles, thermal expansion mismatch between copper foil and steel separators, is eliminated by the use of aluminum separators.

Improved Thermal Conductivity

The use of CAC can reduce inherent temperature differences in a lamination book due to its improved thermal conductivity as compared to steel separators.