CAC® Specifications

Copper Foil

CAC is available with copper foil in the following thicknesses and weights. Other thicknesses and foil types are available:

Copper Weights
0.25 oz
0.375 oz
0.5 oz
1.0 oz
2.0 oz

Aluminum Separators

CAC Inc. selects the best aluminum alloys for use as CAC lamination separators. All aluminum used is hardened, to meet the demanding requirements of today's lamination and drilling processes.

Aluminum Separator Thickness
0.25 mm
0.38 mm
0.50 mm

CAC Lamination Foil

CAC is available in a double sided version known as CAC Lamination Foil (with copper foil on both sides of the aluminum separator), as well as in a single sided version (as CA® Lamination Foil and AC Lamination Foil).

CAC sheets can be supplied in varying sizes with and without registration holes according to the widespread varieties of customer specifications.