Sales & Distributors

CAC, Inc. products are available in the U.S. and Canada from our strategic partners in the North American PCB markets.

United States

Insulectro serves as a one-stop source for circuit board fabricators advanced electronic materials used to manufacture complex multilayer, flex and rigid flex printed circuit boards and other electronic interconnect systems. Insulectro's line of products include copper-clad laminates & prepregs, dry film photo-resist, PCB Chemistry, backup and entry materials, copper and aluminum foils, precision drills and routers and lamination assist materials. www.insulectro.com


IEC - International Electronic Components, Inc.
IEC was founded in 1965 by Jim Stone and Sam Eidel to meet the needs of the emerging Printed Circuit Board Industry in Canada. IEC quickly established itself as a leader in the PCB industry through the strong partnerships forged with customers and suppliers, its dedication to service, and its superior product management. This reputation for excellence, built over 35 years, has made IEC a leading supplier of printed circuit board chemicals, copper clad laminates, and equipment to the North American market. www.ieccan.com


CCI Eurolam
CCI Eurolam was founded by Alain Kahn and Bernard Bismuth in 1968 during the early days of the PCB industry in France. The company specialized in selling raw materials and consumables used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards and developed a service activity.